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FEU Tech joins Inter-Ed’s 26th Career Counseling and Guidance Fair

Posted: 2014-11-12

FEU Tech was a featured exhibitor at the 26th Career Counseling and Guidance Fair hosted by International Education Specialists (Inter-Ed), from September 3 to 5, at the Philippine Trade Training Center (PTTC), Pasay City.

This fair has been held annually since 1988 and has been instrumental in helping Philippine students choose the college and career path best for them. This year’s event welcomed over 10,000 students from over 125 high schools nationwide, the largest attendance in Inter-Ed’s history. Exhibitors at the event were from both local and international academic institutions and organizations.

Inter-Ed was founded in 1980 with the mission to help send Philippine students overseas to study abroad. They are partnered with institutions and organizations in New Zealand, Canada, Singapore, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Inter-Ed co-founded Southville Foreign University, STA Travel, and Future Perfect Business English Specialists.

Mr. Roger Bartholomew and Mrs. Helen Bartholomew, the founders of Inter-Ed, were present at the ribbon cutting ceremony and welcomed students to the event. Mr. Bartholomew, who is also president of the organization, has been a committed advocate of empowering the Philippines through education and has been supportive of the country’s transition to K-12, noting that, despite the challenges schools and colleges will face, the advantages of the transition are numerous.

This is FEU Tech’s 1st year at Career Counseling and Guidance Fair, and its 10th overall (it was present in previous years as FEU East Asia College). The College looks forward to continuing its fruitful relationship with Inter-Ed and its support of education in the Philippines.