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Human Resources Office

General Information

The main task of the Human Resources Office is to support the College in the achievement of its strategic objectives through:

  1. internal consultancy and relationship building with its customers,
  2. provision of specialist knowledge and advice both to management and Associates,
  3. evaluation, recommendation and implementation of appropriate HR interventions that address people issues and enhance Associates’ morale and productivity, and
  4. increased individual and organizational performance to achieve business results.


Employee Relations

Employee Relations is dedicated to creating and sustaining a positive work environment by helping resolve work-related problems, and by providing special programs to recognize, and reward Associates’ contributions to the College.

Employee relations services include the following:

  1. Advice and coaching for Directors and Supervising Associates on performance and other on-the-job problems.
  2. Clarification and advice on the College’s policies pertaining to human resources as well as compliance with laws governing employment.
  3. Advice and assistance to Associates seeking to resolve work-related problems.
  4. Guidance to management in interpreting the Labor Code of the Philippines, Manual of Regulations for Private Schools, and other legislation pertaining to employment.
  5. Programs that recognize long service, outstanding customer service, and excellence.
  6. Recreational programs that enable Associates to be part of the social fabric of the College’s community.

Compensation and Benefits Planning and Administration

Compensation and benefits planning and administration pertains to developing, Implementing, and administering the College’s salaries and benefits policies.

Compensation and benefits services include the following:Monitoring the College’s salary structure and benefits provision to ensure a balance between control of costs and attracting and retaining Associates.

  1. Monitoring the College’s salary structure and benefits provision to ensure a balance between control of costs and attracting and retaining Associates.
  2. Managing the payroll system.
  3. Developing and implementing new benefit packages, ensuring that these are current and competitive and in line with legal requirements.
  4. Making recommendations on changes to retirement and medical insurance schemes.
  5. Management of the College’s performance evaluation system.

Learning and Development

Management recognizes that training offers a way of developing skills, enhancing productivity and quality of work, and building Associates loyalty to the College, and most importantly, increasing individual and organizational performance to achieve business results. For these reasons, Associates are exposed to internal and external learning and development programs in order that they could –

  1. Acquire or sharpen capabilities required to perform various functions associated with their present and expected future roles in the College.
  2. Develop their general capabilities as individuals and discover their own potentials for their own and/or organizational development purposes.
  3. Develop a culture within the College in which Directors and Associates relationship, team work, and collaboration among the different departments and offices are strong and contribute to the professional well-being, motivation and pride of Associates.

The Human Resources Office processes requests for learning and development. It also arrange internal learning and development programs for Associates.

Employment Services

Employment services is concerned with attracting the most qualified associates and matching them to the jobs for which they are best suited. HR Associates recruit (internally or externally), screen and interview job applicants. They may also check references, and extend job offers. Similarly, they conduct orientation sessions and arrange on-the-job training for new Associates.

Employment services is also concerned with managing the attrition of Associates. HR Associates conduct exit interviews for purposes of determining the underlying reasons for Associates’ resignation. In this way, management is able to maintain the turnover rate at a reasonable level through the implementation of appropriate HR interventions.



Human Resources Office

Room 1602


Trunkline: (02) 8281 8888 Local 147