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The FEU Tech Library aims to be the center of excellence in providing knowledge and quality information, and in support of the College's commitment to produce quality individuals in the field of Engineering and Information Technology.


The mission of the FEU Tech Library is to provide service and develop a collection that will support the instructional, curricular, research and industry needs of the College.


To provide a dynamic environment of academic learning among the students, faculty and employees, by utilizing information technology, bibliographic management, and efficient library service in the dissemination of the information resources.

Core Values

We are committed to:


While respecting current practices, the Library also strives for innovation. We value not just the new, but that which is new and better.


The Library understands that the unrestricted, effective, and frequent exchange of ideas, information, and experience is absolutely necessary for the realization of our vision and the achievement of our goals.


The Library believes in Collaboration and teamwork, both within and outside of its formal structure. Working together, we gain strength and find solutions; we are more than the sum of our parts.

Positive Attitude

The Library believes that a positive attitude will enchance the library experience. We will achieve a positive attitude by supporting the Library's mission, finding enjoyment and satisfaction in our work, and being empathetic toward others.


Room 1401


Trunkline: (02) 8281 8888 Local 120/150