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Bank Accounts for New Students Who Are First-time Payees (Reservation Fees and Downpayment)

Online Fund Transfer and Over-The-Counter Deposit

Via Online Fund Transfer and Over-The-Counter Deposit

Account Name for All Banks: East Asia Computer Center, Inc.

  1. BDO
    1. Account Number: 0000-2000-7515
  2. Robinsons Bank
    1. Account Number: 1000-30-1000-17409
  3. Land Bank of the Philippines
    1. Account Number: 3721-0063-19
  4. Metrobank
    1. Account Number: 184-7-18450897-0

  5. Important Reminders:

    1. Email the proof of payment of reservation/ downpayment to and
    2. Once proof of payment is received, the Admissions Office will issue the student number for freshmen students.
    3. The Accounting Office will then give instructions to enrollees with student numbers to upload the proof of payment for validation to this link:
    4. You may also scan the QR CODE below to upload the proof of payment:

    Please wait for a maximum of 1 to 2 days for validation of posting of your payment (from the date you uploaded your proof of payment).

    The official receipt can be claimed at the Cashier’s Office on the 15th Floor.

    NOTE: Official receipt can only be issued to freshmen with student number and will be posted on the student’s Statement of Account