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Here’s How to Advance ICT Education

Posted: 2014-08-29

FEU Tech leverages their partnership with PLDT ALPHA Enterprise to provide a high-quality educational curriculum and environment for students.

Foreseeing a need for computer technology leaders, in 1992 the FEU Institute of Technology (FEU TECH, then known as East Asia College of Information Technology) was founded, focused on providing high quality computer education. Within 20 years, the school had grown to a vibrant and innovative community of technology scholars and professionals, with a student body of more than 8,000 students.

To better house its growing student population, FEU Tech has built an impressive 17-storey building, which its officials have dubbed the Modern Marvel. The new FEU Tech Building features an electronic library, a 25-meter indoor swimming pool, eco-friendly Green Building Technology, advanced e-Building security, fully equipped classrooms and laboratories, complete Wi-Fi accessibility, and an observation deck with a breathtaking view of the entire city.

At the heart of FEU Tech’s new technology hub is the connectivity and ICT infrastructure required for a truly advanced learning environment. To accomplish this, FEU Tech turned to PLDT ALPHA Enterprise for an end-to-end building fit-out solution, installation of 300 CCTV cameras, and total building wiring for Wi-Fi connectivity.

PLDT FVP and Head of PLDT ALPHA Enterprise and SMART Enterprise Sales and Marketing Jovy Hernandez warmly welcomed the FEU Tech representatives to PLDT, adding he was always eager to collaborate with educational institutions. The future of the Philippines rests on your students, he said. We are very happy that you have trusted us with this and we take pride in partnerships with institutions like yours.

In reply, FEU Tech Executive Director Benson Tan complimented the PLDT team for their cheerful and helpful demeanor through long hours of negotiation. Among our partners, SMART and PLDT are the easiest to talk to. We have a very good relationship with our PLDT team, and we are glad that they are helping us. He added that close FEU Tech-PLDT ties go beyond contracts, and are in fact integral to the important programs developed for students.

Mr. Tan expounded further on FEU Tech’s mission. We aim to provide our students with the highest quality education possible, and we work to help them land good jobs with meaningful positions, said Mr. Tan. We constantly revise our curriculum to meet the shifting requirements of the ever-evolving world of technology address the big gap between academe and industry needs. FEU Tech strives to make sure programs are up-to-date and relevant through program specializations.

To meet these goals, Mr. Tan and FEU Tech are looking to PLDT’s ICT innovations, including teleconferencing and e-learning solutions, to achieve a balance of online accessibility and offline person-to-person interaction.

It is important that we provide a seamless connection between faculty and students like teleconferencing, online access to teaching materials, and online chat. We’re aiming for a paperless system; for example, we hope to enhance security by using our 300 CCTV cameras to keep surveillance and monitor attendance, Mr. Tan said.

FEU Tech has expressed their confidence in PLDT to provide the means to accomplish these goals. We chose PLDT because they have one of the biggest networks, and the biggest pools of expertise. Their quality service was also a defining part of our decision in choosing them as a partner. Good partners make good partnerships, and good partnerships create growth and innovation, said Mr. Tan.

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