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Never a rainy day for Rainier

Posted: 2014-05-05

When Rainier Dan E. Maderazo joined FEU East Asia as an academic scholar, he was determined to become an IT professional. And, thanks to his hard work and training, he made his goal a reality without having to job hunt. Read more about how the College helped Rainier get a job at Hewlett Packard before he graduated.

How did you get interested in IT?

"When I was in elementary school, I was already passionate about C++ [computer programming language]. I was so moved when I saw a simple program run, and I was fascinated by the craft. In high school, my passion became broader, but, at the same time, more focused. My passion really grew."

Why did you pursue IT with FEU East Asia?

"A friend of mine and I were at the College together to inquire about courses. We saw how great the facilities were. We also met some really welcoming people. But most of all, the academic community was very inviting. The College had so many credentials, and I felt that I could become an IT professional there."

How did you get your job at Hewlett Packard?

"The College helped me get an internship at Gurango Software [one of the College's industry partners]. It was there that I became further adapted to the corporate world. They really groomed me for the industry. They even sent me out as a company representative to talk with clients. When my internship was nearly over, and my graduation was coming up soon, I applied at HP. They hired me and was willing to train me further."

How did FEU East Asia help you prepare for the industry?

"I think I'd be a lesser person now if I had not pursued my dream to become an IT professional. FEU East Asia granted my dream. They taught me to stand tall. They showed me how to understand different people and how to make good relationships. And, most of all, they gave me the skills and first-hand information that I needed to know before joining the Industry, the need-to-know-things before joining the workforce."

What do you enjoy most about your career?

"The very job that I have is itself a blessing and is very enjoyable. It's because I followed my own chosen path. Life goes easy if we all follow our own choices. There's no such thing as a 'burden' or a 'work load' if you're passionate about what you do."

What does "success" mean to you?

"Others may say that success is measured by financial gain, or prominence in society, or an impressive track record. Maybe there's a degree of truth in that, but I believe that no one can define his own success better than himself. To me, success is a matter of how far someone has gone from where he started. How far he's gone from point A to point B. Where did that person finally land? Is he done traveling?"

You can be like Rainier and travel your own path toward success. FEU East Asia is willing to help. And, with hard work and passion, you may begin a successful career even before you graduate.