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Readers' Services

The largest of the Library's departments, it serves the students, staff of the College, as well as visiting researchers and the general public who need to access the library's resources and services. We provide direct service to the users of the library in the following sections:

Circulation Section

Circulation Section houses books of various subject areas that may be loaned by students and faculty. Majority of the books found in this section are about Social Sciences, Pure and Applied Sciences, Mathematics, Technology, and Engineering. Part of this section is the circulation counter. Among the functions of the counter are:

  1. To cater on daily activities related to circulation of library materials
  2. To receive payment of fines from users
  3. To receive book reservation requests from faculty and students

Filipiniana Section

Filipiniana Section houses books that are written by Filipino authors or by foreign authors about the Philippines. These may be books published abroad but reprinted in the Philippines.

Reserve Section

Reserved Book Section houses books in the field of Information Technology and Engineering mostly prescribed by professors to be read by students in connection with their lessons.

Periodical Section

Journals, magazines, newspaper, vertical files, and FEU Tech Publications are housed in this section. These materials are for library use only but can be borrowed for photocopying purposes.

General Reference Section

Provides general information and reference services. Dictionaries, encyclopedia, atlases, almanacs, handbooks, and manuals covering general and specific fields are housed in this section. This section also provides referral service, information literacy, program, research assistance, and library orientation.

Fiction Section

This section offers a variety of well selected stories and novels of famous authors available for recreational reading.

Undergraduate Research Collection Section

This section aims to showcase and preserve FEU Tech's exemplary undergraduate research in IT and Engineering disciplines.

E-Library Section

The e-library aims to provide and deliver a highly effective learning experience to the academic community through Web and Internet technologies as an extension of the services in the conventional library. Nevertheless, e-library computer equipment is for educational and research purposes only.

instructional Media Section

This is the multimedia resources center of the library which features an ever-growing collection of films, videos, interactive CD-ROMs, Kindle (E-book), and a rich variety of other audiovisual resources in support of the instructional programs and research needs of the faculty and students in the College of Engineering and College of Information Technology.

Technical Services

Working collaborately with other departments, the Technical Services section works to select, acquire, organize, process, and provide access to information resources in all formats to enchance and support research and life-long learning through the Online Library System for the FEU Tech community.

The Technical Services is comprised of two functional areas:

  • Library Acquisitions is responsible for acquiring books and non-print materials, ordering and receiving, processing invoices, and maintenance of necessary records related to acquisition.
  • Cataloging includes shelf preparation, physical processing, and other activities in the preparation of bibliographic records for a catalog.

Not open to the general public, these two units work behind the scenes to perform a multitude of essential functions.

Other Services

  • Photocopying Service ─ Part of the auxilary services that is provided by the library as a means of managing resources. We offer photocopying service to all students, walk-in users, and others.
  • Printing ─ The library provides Black & White and colored printing services. Students will need to load funds to their card in order to print. Printing costs P1.50 per page for black & white copies with short bond paper and P2.00 for long bond paper. Color printing costs P5.00 per copy for short bond paper and P6.00 for long bond paper. Daily lost and found items in the library may also be claimed at the printing service.
  • Endorsement/Referral Service ─ This is rendered to the bonafide students and faculty who may want to use the resources of other institutional libraries whereby a referral letter is issued by the reference librarian.
  • Library Orientation ─ All new students and faculty of the FEU Institute of Technology are encouraged to attend library tours conducted at the beginning of each academic year. The orientation tours are designed to help users become familiar with the library services and to provide users with library skills and information to use resources effectively.
  • Assistance to Alumni ─ We provide continued access to educational materials and resources to alumni, but subject to the rules and regulations applied for researchers.

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