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HR conducts in-house seminars

Posted: 2013-04-26

The College’s Human Resources Office (HRO) works to ensure that teaching and non-teaching associates are exposed to timely topics. As a result, in coordination with industry partners, HRO conducted consecutive in-house seminars, last March and April. The seminars included a Wellness Seminar on Behavioral Eating, a Wellness Seminar on Heat Stroke, and two back-to-back seminars on Customer Service 101 and on Power Personality.

The Wellness Seminar on Behavioral Eating was held on March 13, 2013, at the Annex Building, in room 603. 19 teaching and non-teaching associates attended the seminar, which was facilitated by Randolf R. Cenon, M.D., DPAFP from Maxicare, the College’s HMO. This seminar was free thanks to Maxicare, and was intended to teach healthy eating habits and behavior, and provide insight into the current conditions of dietary abundance that have led to accelerated weight gain and obesity.

Maxicare also collaborated with HRO to host a second Wellness Seminar (this one on Heat Stroke), on April 10, 2013, at the Technology Building, in room 907. 29 teaching and non-teaching associates attended. The facilitator, Johnas C. Galanida II, M.D., discussed the manifestations of heat stroke, its possible complications, and preventative steps to reduce risk factors.

In partnership with SMART Communications, the College conducted two back-to-back seminars on Customer Service 101 and Power Personality, last April 24, at the Technology Building, in room 907. Forty nine teaching and non-teaching associates were in attendance; the facilitator for both seminars was Ms. Ria Marie T. Luciano, Community Care Supervisor of SMART Communications. CS 101 focused on improving interactions with day-to-day customers, while Power Personality updated associates on personal presentation, including proper attire and grooming.