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Instagrammable: Finding IG-worthy spots in FEU Tech

Posted: 2019-01-18

Taking a great photo used to be a labor-intensive process. You’d have buy a professional camera and invest time and energy to learn to use them. But thanks to new technology and smarter smartphones, anyone can take high-quality Instagram-worthy photos. All you need is good lighting and an IG-worthy spot.

Did you know that FEU Tech has not-so-secret spots perfect for your Instagram photos but also for your photography class requirements? Here are the top four IG-worthy spots we identified in FEU Tech.

1. Study Areas

FEU Tech has nine, thematic study areas on different floors that are suitable for individual study and group work. But the colors and patterns just screams "Instagram me!" The big windows also give natural lighting that make them perfect photoshoot spots.

2. Student Plaza

Aside from the natural lighting at the 2nd floor Student Plaza, the big walls provide a clear back drop for your portraits. You can also make use of the plants to add element to your photos, just make sure that you handle them with care.

3. Library

The library is located at the 14th floor. The patterns of the bookshelves and the spaces between books give you a chance to frame your subject as you wish. Be sure to follow library protocols and ask permission before conducting the shoot though so as to not disturb those who are studying.

4. Canteen

Who knew that the 8th floor canteen could be a good spot to do a shoot? The large windows emit just the right amount of light you need to take that drool-worthy food shots.