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How To Survive Engineering School

Posted: 2019-08-02

You've always dreamt of being an engineer and finally, you have entered engineering school. In order to succeed, you would have to work hard and devote your 100% attention to your goal. All you need is a good strategy, a nice learning environment, and a chance to be in one of the top universities in the Philippines.

Here are some tips to help you survive engineering school.

Prepare yourself

You should be mentally prepared for what lies ahead. Engineering is fun once you get the hang of it, but in most cases, you need to be serious if you want to ace your exams. Start by getting organized: take note of the important dates, set alarms and schedules for review time, and make sure that you have a clean and organized environment to make your studying habit better.


Engineering needs your full attention and commitment. In order to fully understand your lessons, you need to take everything seriously. Working hard, determination, passion and focus are main key points to achieve success in the engineering field.

Tip: When studying, make sure to avoid any distractions possible. Put away your phone and find a good place to study like your school's library.

Read and digest

Don't get tired of reading. Physical applications are a nice way to learn but reading is the foundation of your understanding. If you can't understand the topic in your book, find another textbook with the same topic. Just reading the same topic in two different books can make a big difference in learning more about the subject. When you read, do not try so hard to memorize everything. Relax and try to understand it with less pressure and you'll get it in your head in soon.

Ask questions

Do not be afraid to ask questions. Your classmates are probably wondering about the same things. Clarity plays a big role in engineering to avoid mistakes and miscalculations. If you have doubts in mind, just approach your professor or ask help from a classmate.

Learn to operate without your calculator

Applied Mathematics is basically what engineering school is. It can be very complex so it is natural for students to depend on their calculators. In fact, a calculator is a must in some cases. However, it is also important for you to be comfortable doing mathematical equations (Calculus etc.) by hand because there are some cases wherein a calculator won't be allowed in an exam. It is better if you understand the equations without having to rely on your calculator all the time.

Study with other students

Studying engineering does not have to be a single journey. Chances are, some people in your group will grasp certain topics that you are having a hard time with. You can then help each other by explaining topics that are easier for you but complicated for them; therefore, making the work easier and faster.

Find the right engineering school

Your choice of school can also affect your studies. Choose the best school that offers engineering courses. FEU Institute of Technology is one of the top engineering schools in the Philippines that provides you quality education, best facilities, modern equipment, and produces board topnotchers and outstanding graduates in the field.

Even though engineering requires your full commitment, do not forget to enjoy a little break once in a while. Learn to reward yourself in every little steps you make, like having a little chocolate after studying one chapter.


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