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EEE Director Dr. Romano Neyra, only Filipino to present paper in Taiwan Tech Conference

Posted: 2019-08-08

Electronics and Electrical Engineering (EEE) Director Dr. Romano Q. Neyra is the sole Filipino who presented at the 19th International Workshop on Intelligent Systems, Advance Manufacturing and Assistive Technology held at the National Chung Cheng University (CCU) in Chaiyi, Taiwan.

EEE Director Dr. Romano Q. Neyra presents his paper at the 19th International Workshop on Intelligent Systems, Advance Manufacturing and Assistive Technology.

Dr. Neyra presented his paper "Filipino Braille One Cell Contractions Recognition Using Machine Vision", which he co-wrote with Engr. Pocholo James Loresco.

"This positivist research aims to help visually-impaired students attain literacy through electronic means. By feeding data from the study to harness the power of computers, the project can potentially augment the lack of teachers who are helping the blind." he said.

His presentation was lauded by delegates coming from India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam and caused further discussions among the delegates even after it has ended.

"I felt proud to be the only Filipino presenter out of 32 delegates. Not only was I given the opportunity to represent FEU Tech, I also had the privilege to share about our country." he shared.

Engr. King Harold Recto, Dr. Romano Q. Neyra, Engr. Jerome Lopena, Engr. Mark Padilla, and Engr. Pocholo James Loresco.

Aside from Dr. Neyra, EEE Department's Engr. Loresco and Engr. King Harold Recto and Mechanical Engineering Department's Assistant Director Engr. Jerome Lopena and Engr. Mark Padilla were also invited to the 10-day conference.

The first week of the forum was filled with workshops, seminars and lab visits to improve industry practice and produce technology to empower the ageing population. It ended with a socialization night organized by the College of Engineering staff of CCU.

On their second week, they headed to Chimei Museum, National Prehistoric Museum, and AI Robot Company specializing in Artificial Intelligence. There were also two company visits: one in a non-profit mechanical engineering company, PMC and another in the partner company of CCU, HIWIN.

Participants of the International Workshop on Intelligent Systems, Advanced Manufacturing and Assistive Technology from universities in various countries.

"Participating in international conferences is important because it contributes to the general pool of knowledge in our field. It also opens up the door for future collaborations with other universities as we highlight the creativity of our faculty to solve engineering problems that transcend boundaries and cultures."