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CpE grad and computer literacy advocate Joseph Leon Matawaran is 2019 TOSP-NCR finalist

Posted: 2019-07-26

Technology and innovation are inevitable.

This is why Computer Engineering alumnus and 2019 Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines (TOSP)-NCR finalist Joseph Leon Matawaran has been advocating for computer literacy since he discovered his passion for leadership as a member of the Computer Engineering Organization (CpEO).

"Computer literacy among young Filipinos is important because it will help improve their employability. Nowadays, being able to read and write is not enough as most jobs require the use of a computer," Matawaran explained. "In the long run, this will help increase our economic growth by maximizing the use of technology and by enabling us to be human-centric innovators."

He is grateful that CpEO gave him an opportunity to be a volunteer in various organizations and conduct computer literacy seminars for elementary students.

"It gives me joy to be able to volunteer because I know that computer literacy is not a privilege that everybody enjoys," he said.

His involvement in these activities led to being one of the TOSP-NCR finalists along with 19 other student leaders from Metro Manila.

"When the Search Committee of TOSP-NCR called me, they said I did not make the cut. Of course I felt sad but after a few minutes, they said it was just a prank. That was when the happiness and excitement came in."

He admitted that at first, he thought it was just an award. After going through the four-day Formation Program, that included community building and immersion, his opinion changed.

"It was indeed more than an award. I learned that TOSP really plays an important role in our country because it galvanizes young Filipinos to serve for our country," he said.

Looking back, Matawaran said that being a student leader entailed sacrifice as he had to be away from home to attend meetings in school even on weekends.

Still, he decided to look at the bright side of it, he learned to be independent and to manage his time wisely.

"Being a student leader helped me develop myself holistically especially when it comes to time management. I learned to balance my academics and student leader life."