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How to prepare yourself after a long school break

Posted: 2019-01-04

Going back to school after the holiday break can be challenging. It means sepanx from your bed and readjusting your vacation schedule of sleep-Netflix-chill-eat-sleep to your daily school grind. But don't worry because here are some tips on how to psych yourself up as you go back to school.

1. List down things you can look forward to.

It may be seeing your friends or org mates again or getting to do a school activity you have been wanting to. No matter how small it may be, it will be helpful if you have something to replace dreading to excitement.

2. Readjust your sleep schedule.

You probably spent the holidays staying up late to catch up on your favorite TV show or to play online games, but going back to school means resetting your sleep schedule. Limit your caffeine and energy drink intakes and late night meals so that sleeping early won't be too hard for you.

3. Prepare your bag the night before.

Morning grogginess can make doing simple tasks such as preparing your stuff take a bit more time and effort. So before you sleep the night before, make sure that you have prepared everything that you need for school, such as your ID, notebook, pen, calculator, and plates. Preparing your uniform will help you save time.

4. Review your notes.

This will refresh you of where you left off in your class lectures so that you will be ready if in case your professor decides to drop a surprise "welcome back" quiz. This is also a good tip if your New Year's Resolution is to do better in school.

5. Take your time.

Getting your pace back won't come in a snap, so don't be too hard on yourself. It might take a few weeks to get the hang of going to school again, but it will come.