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FEU Tech opens iCARE: an in-house tutorial center

Posted: 2018-05-16

"The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice."  - Brian Herbert

Tutoring service is indeed one of the great ways to deepen understanding, to boost confidence, and to expedite progress. The learning process and the outcome far outweigh the preconceptions about it; and what's more exciting than having it offered by the university alongside its academic programs!

Introducing iCARE

FEU Tech opens its iTamaraw Center for Academic Resources and Enrichment (iCARE) in fulfilling its mission to foster academic excellence for all FEU Tech students. It serves as an avenue for tutor-assisted learning, with a rich pool of learning resources and materials to encourage iTamaraws to improve their academic preference.

This in-house tutorial and review center offers a wide range of services that suit students' academic needs and learning styles:

  • Enhancement Classes
  • Review Sessions
  • Practice Tests
  • Consultations
  • Tutorials
  • English Language Proficiency Training
  • Individual and Group Study
  • Quizzer Training Pool

Advantages of iCARE

The center is located at the 14th floor, which used to house the Math Resource Center (MRC) and English Resource Center (ERC); it's the same area where the library is housed. iCARE coordinator Engr. Edilberto Tripoli discusses the advantages of the establishment of iCARE for students and teachers.

"The old MRC used to serve first year and second year students while the ERC served ENSP and graduating students. With iCARE, the services are diverse, dynamic, and available to all students of all programs. We are continuously developing ways to reach out to our students and to enrich their knowledge in specific subject matters," Engr. Tripoli says.

Enhancement Class

Professors can conduct enhancement classes, consultations, and practice tests on on-term courses at the center to supplement classroom learning.

Students also have the option to learn from fellow students through peer tutorials, a set-up meant to be a comfortable alternative for providing help to the student.

"Sometimes students feel intimidated by their professors and are hesitant to ask them for help. Through peer tutorial, they will have the opportunity to ask questions to students who already finished the subjects they are having difficulty in."

Peer-to-Peer tutorial

Group Study

iCARE also offers free trainings to students who want to enhance their English Language Proficiency (ELP) through activities and lessons that will improve their oral and written communication skills. This program also helps students prepare for their internship (i.e., inclusion of simulated interview question and answer scenarios.)

Multimedia facilities, individual and group study areas, and modules are also available at the center.

In addition, students struggling in any subject can get a little extra help outside of the classroom through iCARE tutors who will guide them on the lessons they feel are too overwhelming for them.

They can also get help in improving their time management skills and learn tricks to understand difficult subjects easier. The techniques students acquire during the tutorial sessions will stay with them past college, into their career, and for years to come.

For the complete list of tutorial services of iCARE, visit F1402 or call 281 8888 loc. 417.