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Manufacturing Engineering Program To Be Offered This August 2018

Posted: 2018-05-11

To strengthen their competitive engineering program, FEU Tech will offer a Manufacturing Engineering program next school year.

This new degree aims to train future students in the actual work of manufacturing engineers which includes designing and improving manufacturing processes for the production of cost-efficient and quality products.

Senior Director for Engineering Dr. Manuel Belino expounds on what the degree covers. "The purpose of manufacturing engineering is to produce products at the least possible cost. For example, if I am a mechanical engineer, I can design a dry seal but if you ask me how much it would cost if I would produce 1,000 pieces at the cheapest price but still good quality, I cannot answer that. But manufacturing engineers are trained for that. Aside from being immersed on the mechanical side, they are also trained on the business side."

FEU Tech is one of the few universities in the country which offers the multi-disciplinary Manufacturing Engineering program.

"It has aspects of mechanical engineering, industrial engineering and electronics engineering. Today, you can't be an engineer if you do not know anything about electronics, machine work. That's why we chose Manufacturing Engineering because it's something new. We hope to produce graduates who know more than one way to contribute to national development."

Mechanical Engineering Program Director Engr. Rey Muli is one of the first graduates of Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Engineering in the country and has been tasked to implement the program for FEU Tech. Apart from state-of-the-art equipment, classrooms and facilities, FEU Tech guaranteed only competent faculty members running the program.

The program includes intensive lecture hours on production management, computer-integrated manufacturing, computer-aided manufacturing, design of press working tools, jig and fixture design; balanced with laboratory work on welding techniques and technology.

Students will be exposed to real-world work experience with two trimesters of internship.

With almost all industries in the country related to manufacturing, Engr. Muli is positive it will be a good move for students to venture into this industry.

"Once they graduate, they can immediately work as manufacturing engineers. They can be in production. They can even be in any area in manufacturing industry because they will be able to do almost all of the tasks."

Manufacturing engineers can work in any manufacturing industry including automotive, semi-conductor, electronics and construction material industries. Graduates of this course can be assigned in the production unit, maintenance or quality control of a manufacturing company.