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FEU Tech Benchmarks Programs with Int’l Universities

Posted: 2018-05-18

FEU Tech Senior Director for Engineering Dr. Manuel Belino, together with faculty Engrs. Hans Felix Bosshard and Anjo Ramirez, visited universities in Taiwan early this year to benchmark with top Asian universities.

Two of the universities chosen for this benchmarking were St. John's University in New Taipei City and National Taiwan University of Science and Technology in Taipei. Dr. Belino cites that apart from the similarities in our programs, Taiwan is more accessible for study abroad programs.

"Taiwan is very much open-minded for collaboration and is very near the Philippines. Its universities are considered among the best in Asia."

Among the Taiwanese universities best practices, Dr. Belino singles out their research programs as an area where FEU Tech can draw inspiration from.

"In terms of research, they are already very far ahead, but we can look into the mechanisms they did in order to get there."

Earlier this year, Dr. Belino visited the University of Chicago and DePaul University in Illinois, Chicago in the United States of America as part of FEU Tech’s commitment to create world-class engineering programs.