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FEU Tech's Brian Asuncion is the first student intern at Hamastar Taiwan

Posted: 2018-05-25

Digital Arts iTamaraw Brian Asuncion has an innate curiosity for the world which is why he immediately signed up to be part of FEU Tech's Study Abroad program for 2017.

"I decided to be part of the Study Abroad Program because of one thing experience. I do believe that experience is an excellent teacher so I wanted to experience a life outside of the Philippines. It took a lot of courage and time on my part to decide, but I did it. Was I scared? Yes! Did I have doubts? Yes! My goal was to replace my fear of the unknown with curiosity and discovery."

Brian, together with fellow DA student Dustin Olan, left Manila in September 2017 to spend one trimester in the National Sun-Yat Sen University, one of the leading universities in Taiwan and FEU Tech's academic partner.

Although this experience will definitely be an asset for his future employment, Brian said that he has gained so much more. One of the most important lessons he will bring home is his understanding of different cultures.

"I learned to accept and understand diverse cultures because I met students not just from Taiwan but also from China, Indonesia, and Japan. I learned their language, made new friends, and shared my passion for photography with them."

This is why Brian is encouraging students to take advantage of FEU Tech's Study Abroad program.

Brian with fellow iTamaraw, Dustin Olan and their new friends at National Sun Yat-Sen University

"Do not let this opportunity pass by because it will open up a new world for you and give you the chance to create beautiful memories that will change you. One day, when I look back this will be one of the most influential experiences of my academic life."

And a new world indeed has been opened up for Brian and Dustin. Through the Study Abroad program, they were able to meet Dr. Szu-Yuan Sun, the General Manager of Hamastar Technologies, a Taiwanese service company focused on innovative application of IT research and development. Dr. Sun invited the two iTamaraws to be part of their internship program which they gladly accepted.

Brian Jade Asuncion, officially a student at National Sun Yat-Sen University

Brian and Dustin are now the first iTamaraws to be part of a Taiwan-based internship program. They will use their knowledge in graphics and will have access to the technologies used by Hamastar in developing an e-book platform.

This means longer time away from family and friends as they have to stay a trimester more in Taiwan but Brian is focused on the knowledge and skills they will gain at the end of the program.