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Fail Proof Habits Students in Top Universities in the Philippines Swear By

Posted: 2019-07-05

When your professors tell you to 'study smart, not study hard,' they know what they are talking about. While intelligence is inherent in people, your academic performance relies on your studying habits, adapting the good and changing the bad. The key to become a productive student in the top universities in the Philippines is to create good study habits that you would religiously follow.

Take handwritten notes

Many studies prove that despite the note taking apps available on your phone today, taking handwritten notes is still the most effective in terms of retention because it can improve long term comprehension. It does not matter if your handwriting is as good as the fonts you see on MS Word, or if you are the only one who can understand your own scribbles. Making class notes allow you to summarize the topic based on your own pace.

In fact, experts recommend that you take notes in the Cornell format wherein the pages of your notes are split lengthwise. The right side of the page is used for formal notes, while the left side is dedicated the main points of the lesson.

Put your phone away

Distractions such as the constant beeping of your phone due to the notifications you receive impede you from absorbing all the information you learn from reviewing. The random dings, beeps, and vibrations from your phone are hard to ignore, derailing your concentration. Make sure your phone is turned off, or at least in silent mode so you will not be tempted to reply to your best friend's text message about the latest KDrama she's been watching.

Know your learning style

No two persons are alike, especially when it comes to learning. Some people learn better when they read their notes aloud, while some like to listen to music while studying. Knowing your own learning style makes it easier for you to find a setting that makes optimum learning possible. And when you do find the technique that fits you, make sure that you stick to it.

Don't procrastinate

It's tempting to put off study sessions, especially when you're playing your favorite mobile game. But did you know that procrastination is one of the things top students don't do? When you delay your study session, you will most likely pull an all nighter which does more harm than good in remembering what you studied. Your studying will be less effective and you may not be able to accomplish everything that needs to be done. Procrastination leads to rushing, which can also sacrifice the quality of your outputs.

Join a study group

As they say, two heads are better than one. Joining a study group or having someone to review with enables you to get help from others in concept that you find difficult to understand. Just make sure you will concentrate on studying together and not be preoccupied with chit chats and other distractions.

Stay physically and mentally fit

Exercise helps maintain your mental health and memory. It was also proven that exercising helps alleviate symptoms of depression or anxiety which are very common to students today.

Discipline and a sense of responsibility are what sets students in the top universities in the Philippines apart. Everyone is inherently intelligent, but very few are willing to work hard to excel in academics. Forming good study habits is important if you want to earn a good academic standing, especially when you study in competitive institutions. With a little bit of hard work and discipline, everyone, even you, can be an excellent student in the best universities in the country.