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TOPNOTCHER: Junestherry Salvador

Posted: 2015-04-21

FEU Tech magna cum laude graduate and Electronics Engineering Board Exam Topnotcher Junestherry Salvador (June, for short) is a bright, confident young lady with a quiet brilliance in her eyes. During her interview, her voice had a careful intensity, especially when she talked about her younger years, about losing her father at an early age, and about how she was sent to stay with her grandmother in Bohol while her mother worked to provide for the family.  My mother thought of going abroad but she decided to stay and be with us instead. My youngest sibling was only a few months old then, and it really made me see how my mom had to struggle for our family, June said.

Life’s challenges, however, did not stop her brilliance from shining through. With her topnotch grades at Manila Science High School and a stellar perforance on FEU Tech’s entrance exam, June received a full scholarship to study Electronics Engineering, where she also excelled among her classmates. Thinking about the hardships my mom faced for us really made me want to study hard and pursue my dreams. There was a time where I didn’t sleep for 3 days straight and was rewarded by being on top of our review class, she said proudly.

Like her mother, who eventually became an FEU faculty member, June had a passion for teaching, doing her best to guide her classmates in their study groups, which they affectionately called June’s Review Center. Even when she was bogged down with projects, a thesis and defense, and plenty of exams, she was always able to help her friends.

And that’s the true genius of June: she can manage her time incredibly well. For example, despite hours spent commuting to and from school, she still stayed on top of everything, maintained excellent grades, and was able to keep an active social life, choosing to watch movies and go on food trips with friends in her spare time. On top of all that, she became an excellent pianist.

Always learn and practice the value of discipline, responsibility, and time management it will definitely help you set your future, she said.

We have no doubt that Junestherry’s passion and confidence will help her fulfill anything she aspires to accomplish. We look forward to seeing her future!