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Dr. Margarita Holmes and Bro. Clifford Sorita Talked About “Understanding the Pain of Abandonment”

Posted: 2016-12-08

Last December 3, FEU Institute of Technology hosted an event entitled Understanding the Pain of Abandonment. It aimed to help guidance counselors further understand the behavior of youth and the process of dealing with different scenarios that affect their academic performances, such as the feeling of abandonment. This event was attended by counselors from different high schools and universities across Metro Manila and nearby districts.

Held at 16th floor AVR of FEU Tech, the seminar commenced through the opening remarks of FEU associates followed by an inspirational talk from Bro. Clifford Sorita. He is currently affiliated with Radio Veritas as a consultant and also a Professor here at FEU Tech.

“If we define what values really are, we will find out that values are guidelines to formulate goals and objectives, whether personal or collective. They reflect our keenness interest, feelings and convictions.”

Bro. Clifford shared meaningful insights about values that affect individuals and the community as a whole. He even cited some significant societal issues, including politics and lifestyle of the common people nowadays by which he later gave meaningful advice. It was an early event, but he made everyone energized and active through his witty jokes and fun presentation.

The title of the event might have sounded heavy and serious matter but Bro. Clifford had made it light and inspiring, leaving big smiles to all who attended the seminar.  Bro. Clifford ended his talk with an inspiring video clip of hopeful young kids having different lives and different wants in life, and how their parents molded their values.

Came after Bro. Clifford was Dr. Margarita Holmes, a very popular psychologist from the University of the Philippines, author and educator.

“Remember that experiences change us, so even though you had a terrible childhood and had no secured attachment when you were growing up, you can have a totally different view of the world and be capable of good attachments in the future through the people around you, such as your mentor, therapy, pastoral mentoring and more.”

Dr. Holmes shared interesting facts about youth and adolescents, and how to properly understand and deal with situations that involve them. Further, she enlightened everyone about the event’s main topic, Understanding the Pain of Abandonment and its psychological effects to one’s being. Everyone had shown interest as many attendees seek advice, shared their experiences and resolutions, and express their gratefulness to the Dr. Holmes for her wonderful talk.

Moreover, Director Angeli Bustillo of SACSO ended the talk by expressing her gratitude for the presence of the speakers and participants during the event. She cited that it served as an eye opener to further excel in the field of guidance counseling for the students and the community.

This event was broadcasted live through FEU Tech Facebook page.