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The FEU Tech Frosh Guide: The Non-Academic Orgs

Posted: 2018-08-24

By Christopher Bryan Garcia

The org fair may be over but it's never too late for you to go and explore the other organizations.

After giving you a background on FEU Tech's academic orgs, let me give you a run through of the non-academic orgs when you need an outlet for your passion or simply want a break from all the academic work.

1. Artist Connection

If your passions leans towards music and the performing arts, you might want to hit up AC. This has four sub organizations Music Synergy for singers, Theater Guild for actors and actresses, Exude for dancers, and Tech Squad for cheerleaders.

2. International Students Association

Aside from creating a local community for our foreign students, ISA promotes diversity and cultural understanding among students. ISA also gives our international iTamaraws an avenue to showcase their talents and skills.

3. FEU Tech College-Y Club

This is the local chapter of the Young Men's Christian Organization (YMCA) now known globally as the Y, aims to put Christian principles into practice by developing activities that encourage a healthy body, mind and spirit.

4. Recreation and Athletics Club (RAC)

RAC allows students to get together regularly to play a sport they love. This group organizes and hosts basketball, volleyball, and chess competitions.

5. Youth for Christ (YFC)

Youth For Christ is the youth arm of Couples For Christ (CFC), a catholic christian movement intended for the renewal and strengthening of christian values.

YFC holds activities that encourage bringing Christ to wherever they are including prayer meetings, bible sharing, and peer counseling for its members.

6. The Innovator

If you have a passion for telling stories, then this organization is right for you. The Innovator is the official media organization of FEU Tech. It is composed of a pool of passionate writers, artists, photographers, and videographers who keep you updated with campus happenings.

7. The Student Coordinating Council(SCC)

This is the highest governing student body of FEU Tech which is run by passionate servant leaders. SCC aims to give students an opportunity to develop leadership by organizing and carrying out school activities and service projects. In addition to planning events that contribute to school spirit and community welfare, the SCC serves as the voice of the student body.