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The FEU Tech frosh guide: Finding your perfect fit

Posted: 2018-08-17

By Christopher Bryan Garcia

The school year has officially began and student organizations are now on the lookout for the next student leaders.

I know you might be thinking twice about joining one because it means juggling acads and org responsibilities at once, but take it from me; it will give you the most memorable experience in your college life. I know because I am in one and although oftentimes it can be demanding, I get to practice my passion for writing and make new friends at the same time.

FEU Tech has academic and non-academic organizations waiting to welcome you. For this first installment, I will give you the lowdown on academic orgs.

1. Association of Civil Engineering Students (ACES)

It is the FEU Tech chapter of the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineering (PICE) which gives students exciting activities like the now famous Pajama Party for its members and Converse, a series of seminars and contests for the Tech community.

2. Computer Engineering Organization (CpEO)

CpEO's goal is to develop skilled professionals in the Computer Engineering field. They recently held the 1st Regional Convention in partnership with ICpEP held last April 4-6, 2018.

3. Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

The FEU Tech Association for Computing Machinery Student Chapter is committed to the education of computer science students. They are the group behind the much talked about Google I/O Roadshow and the AI Day Philippines held last December.

4. Electronics Engineering Students Society (ECESS)

ECESS aims to promote camaraderie among its members and officers. They are the local chapter of the Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippine Manila Student Chapter (IECEP-MSC). They also hold various activities such as Technoweek's Battle Royale and leadership seminars.

5. Electrical Engineering Student's Association (EESA)
This org promotes students' growth by holding field trips and competitions such as the "5 Minute Circuit" held in the recent Technofest.

6. Alliance of Information Technology Students (AITS)

AITS represents the Information Technology students of FEU Tech. They cater to the different specializations offered by the program by providing various tutorials that will enhance their skillset. The organization also holds general assemblies and competitions with memorable events such as "H A C K A W E B" and the first ever Global Game Jam at FEU Tech.

7. Junior Philippine Computer Society (JPCS)

JPCS is an organization that aims to provide its members with real-life experience through various collaborations with industry partners to enhance the skills of future IT professionals. Its goal is to widen the knowledge of students in IT-related technologies.

8. Mechanical Engineering Chains of Societies (MechS)

MechS is an organization representing FEU Tech's Mechanical Engineering Department. The group helps hone its members to become socially, intellectually, and ethically competitive mechanical engineers in the future by holding colorful General Assemblies and organizing competitions and seminars for members.