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My College Life as an iTamaraw

Posted: 2023-03-17

When I was about to finish Senior High School, I was very unsure about which university I should go to for college. There are so many options out there and I simply couldn't choose. I was always interested in the arts and technology, and choosing between the two of them proved to be such a challenge. I didn't know which university would be able to satisfy my interests and at the same time, offer good quality education… 

It was not until I found out about FEU Tech and the wide variety of programs they offer. With that, my iTamaraw journey began.

I am currently taking Information Technology specializing in Digital Arts, a perfect blend between both of my interests. My life as an iTamaraw at FEU Tech has been nothing but fun! Here are my reasons why:

1. The computer laboratories here are amazing! They are equipped with well-functioning units that are fit with any task you'd like to do. Coding, programming, designing, graphics, illustration, even 3D modeling and animations—these computer laboratories got your back! I never have to worry about using these computers. I also really like that the technologies these computers have are current and up to date.

Another thing I like about FEU Tech is that there are lots of study areas that I can use when I need to review and catch up with my studies. The library here is filled with a lot of resources as well, perfect for learning and researching.