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3 Reasons Why You Should Be a Student Leader at FEU Tech

Posted: 2023-02-27

Serve, lead and excel—that is the motto of every student leader here at FEU Institute of Technology. But… who are they and what do they do? Do they get extra credits on their grades? Or do they receive some sort of allowance?

Well, to put it simply, no. But here’s the thing: student leaders gain a lot of learning experience, and we promise you that it’s all worth it. At FEU Tech, there are a total of  19 recognized student organizations (RSOs) you can choose from. All these are spearheaded by our Student Activities and Development Office (SADO).

So if you are a freshman or just simply curious about school organizations, this article is perfect for you. Keep on reading to know the  3 reasons why you should join school organizations and be a Student Leader!