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iTamaraws charge up their knowledge and skills with TechnoWeek 2020

Posted: 2020-02-21

Words by: Pauline Andoloy

The FEU Tech community celebrated the Institute’s 28th founding anniversary with TechnoWeek- a series of festivities and competitions with the theme Beginning of Infinite Gravitech organized by the Student Coordinating Council (SCC) together with the Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs).

Here’s a quick run-through:


TechnoWeek 2020 officially started with a Thanksgiving Mass for students and associates at the Student Plaza immediately followed by the Alliance of Information and Technology Students (AITS)’s DRAW I.T, an on-the-spot digital drawing competition that aims to showcase the students’ skills in multimedia arts. Youth for Christ (YFC) also coordinated a praise and worship concert which was participated by youth groups across the University Belt to close Day 1.


Day 2 was a day of competition and learning with activities such as The Boat is Sinking organized by FEU Tech’s Association of Civil Engineering Students. Under this activity, students knowledge in Hydraulics and Water Mechanics was tested by creating miniature boats at the Pool Area located on the 3rd floor.

Meanwhile, the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) facilitated the Java Intercollegiate Competition to test fundamental knowledge in coding and algorithms as well as utilizing the Java language. SIKLAB: Math and Science Festival, a seminar on Mathematics and Sciences, was organized by the Math and Science Technokrats (MST). Director of Mathematics and Physical Sciences Engr. Virgilio Dadiz opened the event, alongside with keynote speaker Dr. Manuel Belino. In his talk, Dr. Belino emphasized the importance of compassion and impassiveness in becoming an effective instructor, and how society views academics as an important barometer of success in life.


The second part of the SIKLAB: Math and Science Festival, with an inter-school quiz bee that was held at the 8th-floor Executive Lounge. Students from FEU Tech and Far Eastern University High School gladly participated in the said event presided by Engr. Jocelyn Antonio as the quizmaster. The quiz bee also covered a variety of topics from the Mathematics and Physics field.

Also, iTAM Digicon, the first-ever digital convention of FEU Tech spearheaded by the Computer Engineering Organization (CpEO), was held at the FEU Tech Innovation Center. The conference aimed to promote digital awareness and to expand the knowledge of every computer engineering student about digital technology. With this, resource speaker and software developer Christen John Reginald Buenafe delivered his talk focusing on the Effective Use of Social Media, Data Privacy, Internet, Social, and Mobile Security Awareness, and Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking 101.

Tribe of EMC and Multimedia Arts Students (TEAMS) captured the creative side of the students with INT. FEU Tech Day – a scriptwriting competition and workshop for iTamaraws. The seminar was facilitated by Director/Writer Ralph Quincena who is an FEU Manila Communication alumnus.

Junior Philippine Computer Society (JPCS)’s Python Summit, a programming competition and workshop, hoped to enhance and deepen the students’ knowledge of programming. The event was hosted by guest speaker, Mr. Marwin Alejo, a member of National University’s faculty who gave a brief overview of the subject matter and began teaching the basics and nuances of Python.


On the last day of SIKLAB: Math and Science Festival Mr. Nino Pilueta, the Assistant Director of Computer Engineering, discussed the fundamentals of Robotics as one of the fastest emerging industries in the 21st century.

Battle Royale 3.0 was organized by the Electronics Engineering Student Society. A seminar and competition open to all Electrical and Electronics Engineering students, it aimed to enhance their knowledge and skills in the field of ECE. Artist Connection’s Clash of the iTams showcased the musical talents of the iTam community.


Day 5 began with the Mechanical Engineering Chain of Societies AMEzing Race 4th Gear – an activity that tested their mental and physical strength of iTamaraws by going through the 8 stations inside the FIT building by answering different mathematical and engineering-related questions at eachper station.

Brilliance and virtue overflowed with the iTam Ambassadors 2020 Coronation Night. Candidates from the different academic departments competed and proved themselves worthy of the crown as each of them embodied the core values of a true iTamaraw with this year’s theme Laurels of Brilliance and Virtue.

In the end, Bathaluman ng Buhay Jonathan Cabiles from Mechanical Engineering and Bathaluman ng Hangin Krysch Chalia Atienza from Computer Science were crowned as Mr. and Ms. iTam Ambassadors 2020.


TechnoWeek 2020 closed with a Freshmen Night where our new iTamaraws happily donned their retro outfits to keep in line with the theme, “A Night of Glamour and Memoirs.” A showcase of artistry and talent in Star Hunt and a battle of grace, allure, and wit in Freshmen Icon were also the two major segments of the night.

In the end, TechnoWeek 2020 successfully proved the holistic environment that FEU Tech continues to provide to its students. It also showcased how they are exposed to different forms of science and technology as well as how they can apply this knowledge outside the classroom.