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FEU Tech receives Philippine Red Cross Awards

Posted: 2016-11-15

In recognition of FEU Tech's effort in supporting activities ideal of serving the well-being of the community, the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) has, once again, recognized and conferred to the College the Scroll of Honor. The award is given to honor the spirit of volunteerism among PRC's blood donors and agency partners. They give this honor after evaluating the length of partnership with PRC and the quantity of blood collection.

Moreover, Engr. Floreto I. Mauro, a faculty from the Civil Engineering Department, was also awarded and listed as a member of Blood Galloners Club for having donated more than 450 cc of blood in all PRC's facilitated blood letting activities. According to Engr. Mauro, he started donating blood since 1998. He tells that he realized the need for helping others when her spouse had been hospitalized and needed blood to survive. Since then he became an active blood donor.

"I don't do it just to receive anything, be awarded or whatsoever. Actually, when there are blood donation activities, I'll immediately attend, regardless of whatever chapter of Red Cross it may be… I feel happy that I can help other people, I feel happy because I can save lives, and it's the cheapest way I know to help somebody," shares Engr. Mauro.

The engineer further expressed the benefits of participating in this kind of event as being able to donate blood will mean that the donor is healthy. Doctors and the facilitators will check if someone is healthy enough to donate blood. With this in mind, he encourages everyone to be part of this civic affair as he intends to continue this deed "For as long as I am allowed to donate blood, I will continue doing it”.