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FEU Tech Claims 72nd Spot in the 2024 WURI Global Top Innovative Universities

Posted: 2024-06-28

FEU Institute of Technology (FEU Tech) has achieved a significant milestone by ranking 72nd in the 2024 World University Rankings for Innovation (WURI) Global Top Innovative Universities. This prestigious ranking places FEU Tech among the world’s most esteemed institutions, including Harvard University, Stanford University, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), marking its third consecutive year on the list.

WURI evaluates higher education institutions based on their real contributions to industry and society, emphasizing innovative education, research, and societal engagement. Its ascent from rank 98 in 2022 and 77 in 2023 to 72nd in 2024 underscores its unwavering commitment to cutting-edge education and global excellence.

FEU Tech's recognition extends to three key categories in the WURI 2024 rankings:

  • Top 5 in Funding: Acknowledging FEU Tech's success in securing and effectively utilizing resources to drive educational advancements.

  • Top 20 in Generative AI Application: Highlighting the institute's pioneering use of AI across various fields, showcasing its dedication to technological progress.

  • Top 22 in Global Resilience: Recognizing FEU Tech's strategies for adapting and thriving amidst global challenges, underlining its commitment to sustainability and student success.

These achievements have propelled FEU Tech to secure the 72nd spot in the WURI Global Top 300 Innovative Universities of 2024, reflecting its remarkable progress over the past two years despite competing with the world's best universities.

The Institute is proud to be cited globally as an institution that excels in innovative approaches and can inspire advancements across the academic and societal landscape. Moreover, they are ranked 2nd in the Philippines, further solidifying its position as a leader in education and innovation within the country.

The World University Rankings for Innovation (WURI) highlight institutions that lead in innovation and social impact, and FEU Tech’s impressive ranking is a testament to its dedication to these principles.