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Computer Science iTamaraw Wins Academic and Leadership Excellence Awards

Posted: 2017-05-24

Computer Science iTamaraw Ariel Jayson Ng brought home two plaques of recognition; Academic Excellence Award and Leadership Excellence Award. It was given by the Philippine Computer Society during their annual recognition on May 23, 2017, which was held at Asia Pacific College, Makati City.

He was recognized for his exemplary leadership performance and invaluable contribution to the success of Junior Philippine Computer Society chapter at FEU Tech.

Ariel is known by his fellows as a smart and diligent student leader. He has the drive to achieve excellence in academics and other extracurricular activities. Along with being an active member of JPCS, he also served as vice president of FEU Tech Association for Computing Machinery, auditor of the Student Coordinating Council, a member of Computer Engineering Organization and a lot more!

"Ariel's achievements creates an environment that inspires his fellow iTamaraws to further excel and strive in their chose field of studies.", says Prof. Joferson L. Bombasi, Computer Science Director.

FEU Tech is optimistic that more work of its students' products of project-based learning, will be recognized in the future. Congratulations Ariel!