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8 Programming Myths Debunked

Posted: 2019-05-03

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It is understandable that programming can be intimidating at first, but the truth is, it is not that hard to learn. A lot of people have misconceptions about programming which should be cleared right now. Programming is so much more than writing codes all day. It allows you to create anything you desire. Read on to find out the myths of programming.

Myth: Programming is too scientific and cold. There's no room for creativity

Fact: Programming is actually an art form, many people do not know this but it is true. Some programmers even get lost in their world of coding like how writers do when writing. Artists make things based on their interest, emotions, and passion. Same goes for programmers who write codes and make things based on their interests, emotions, and passion. Most programmers even code just for fun. Programmers create their own world with lots of possibilities imaginable.

Myth: Programming is only for geeks

Fact: Anybody can code and coding can be useful for anybody even if it is not your dream job. You can search the Internet for programmers and you will be surprised to see that not all programmers wear geeky t-shirts or glasses. This stereotype is probably the most common myth of programming. Programming can offer a lot to someone in any field or industry a person chooses. Like how some artists learned programming to make 3D art or to create websites that can help other people. Programming is more than just what it seems in the outside, it is actually a tool that can help everybody in many ways.

Myth: You have to be really good in math

Fact: No. You don't. Like painting, programming requires patience and interest. That's it. Do not think of it as learning formulas and equations but think of it as writing to a new friend. Though, like any course, you need to study some math along the way but it will be worth it. Keep in mind that programming is not rocket science but a form of communication.

Myth: Formal education is only for slow learners

Fact: You can learn to code just about anywhere but can only be a competitive professional programmer if you take up proper courses in colleges or universities such as in top computer science schools in the Philippines. These institutions can provide you high quality education and make your way to the industry much faster. Companies nowadays have high standards for candidates. Never neglect your education as there is so much more you can learn inside the school that can help you in the industry.

Myth: You have to be a genius to take up programming

Fact: Learning programming is just like learning how to read and write. You do not have to be a genius to do that. You just have to want it. Anybody who can read, write, or communicate can learn programming because programming is basically a language with its own rules. Being completely passionate about programming is what will keep you going.

Myth: You have to memorize all syntaxes

Fact: You'll be writing the same code a thousand times and surely you will memorize it before you even realize it. All you need is practice regularly and you will be fine.

Myth: There's no room for mistakes

Fact: Programmers are not perfect. There will always be room for bugs and mistakes. Failures can occur often but at the same time, these mistakes allow programmers to learn, improve, and grow.

Myth: Programming is not for women

Fact: This is absolutely false as women are just as good as men when it comes to programming. There is no gender, race, personality, or age requirement in programming. Anybody who is determined and passionate can learn programming.

Learning how to code is almost the same as having a superpower or being a comic book writer. You can create your own stories with your control and command. That is how great programming is. You plan, you code, you communicate to a machine and then before you know it, you're already making something you never expected to create. Enroll in our academic programs and you might just find yourself creating something that no one has done before!