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Young FEU Tech Alumnus Nominated as Cherry Mobile’s Employee of the Year

Posted: 2017-05-08

You can never be too young nor too inexperienced to excel at your job. Take Joseph Dalebert Cajida, a recent graduate of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with specialization in Software Engineering. He is currently employed as a Game and Applications Development Assistant for Cosmic Digital Universe Inc., an associate company of Cherry Mobile.

Despite being a newcomer in the company, Joseph was already nominated to be the company's 2016 Employee of the Year. Chosen for going above and beyond in achieving the company's goals, Joseph has been working hard in maintaining and developing mobile applications for a diverse clientele.

Although Joseph's career has been exciting, he shares that he was overwhelmed in the beginning, which is the shift from being a student to a professional.

"I didn't expect that professional life is going be very challenging. When I was a student I wanted to graduate right away to start working. But now that I'm already working, I just want to go back to being a student again", laughs, Joseph.

Aside from hard work, Joseph is a firm believer in securing a solid academic foundation before heading for one's career path.

"FEU Tech developed an intensive internship program that helped me become acquainted with the important aspects of my field and prepared me well for the corporate world. The 1,040 hours of internship honed my technical skills", Joseph adds.