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Technovation Week 2022: iTams Make a Big Leap through Technology and Innovation

Posted: 2022-02-14

FEU Alabang, FEU Diliman, and FEU Tech have once again manifested their forte in technology and innovation through this year’s virtual Technovation Week which took place from February 7-12, 2022.

The annual event was organized by the College of Computer Studies and Multimedia Arts (CCSMA) as part of FEU’s Foundation Month Celebration. Technovation Head and FEU Tech’s Student Coordinating Council President Darryll Lance Montenegro explained that they focused on the theme “THINK. CODE. CREATE: Making a Big Leap Through Technology and Innovation” to make the event more relatable to the students.

“The theme is actually connected to the abilities we’re able to hone by being a Computer Science, an Information Technology, or a Multimedia Arts student. Every student should think, code, and create astounding things that will boost their skill in developing technology that will largely contribute to innovation,” Lance said.

FEU Tech’s Student Activities and Development Unit (SADU) Coordinator Remris John Sabusap stressed the importance of conducting these types of virtual activities. “The biggest benefit of this to our students, and ultimately to our school, is the renewed sense of camaraderie, friendship, and bond, which then translates to a more efficient academic performance and more impactful leadership. It is important to conduct this type of activity despite the virtual setup because it also allows our students and RSOs to unwind, relax and enjoy.”

Technovation Week aims to improve the coding and social abilities of students while also providing a fresh viewpoint to budding programmers interested in competitive programming. Among the activities included were the following:

  1. CODEyssey 2022

A programming adventure organized by FEU Alabang ACM Student Chapter, filled with back-to-back workshops and webinars about C++, Java, Python, and even Mapping.Alabang


Champion - Mapathon: Clarence Celesios 

1st Runner Up - Mapathon: Joen Ralph Boncales 

2nd Runner Up - Mapathon: Gymuel De Guzman 

Champion - Programming Competition: Krysch Chalia Atienza 

1st Runner Up - Programming Competition: Joen Ralph Boncales 

2nd Runner Up - Programming Competition: Martin Stephen Juan

  1. Clash of Coders: Journey Towards Competitive Programming

A two-day event organized by FEU Tech ACM Student Chapter which aims to enhance students’ skills in competitive programming. It includes a webinar featuring brilliant programmers as well as a challenging programming competition among Tamaraws.


Champion – Upperclassmen Mark Jason T. Galang

Champion – Freshmen Kendric M. Ordoñez 

1st Runner Up – Upperclassmen Hezekiah John V. Rizan 

2nd Runner Up - Upperclassmen Mark Daniel Ginturo 

  1. VANward toGOGHter

A film showing event organized by FEUture Arts - Alabang and FEU Tech Tribe of EMC and Multimedia Arts students, where students had an in-depth discussion activity about the award-winning film “Loving Vincent” that took 6 years to make.

  1. Begin with I.T.: Advance C++ & AITS Coding Challenge

An online event organized by the FEU Tech Alliance of Information Technology Students that featured guest speakers in the field of C++ language. A coding challenge was also launched to show off the coding skills of I.T. students.


Champion - Krysch Chalia Atienza 

1st Runner Up - Neilsen John Bernardo 

2nd Runner Up - Geo Pineda

  1. Get Techy with Us: User Research Talks & UI/UX Workshop

An online workshop organized by FEU Tech’s Junior Philippine Computer Society and Google Developer Student Clubs.JPCS & GDSC to help students understand better about User Interfaces and User Experience.

During the Technovation Night, CCSMA held an exciting raffle wherein they had one winner of P1000, two winners of P500, and ten winners of P200. In addition, Lance expressed his gratitude to everyone who made the event possible, including the 552 students who joined Technovation Week.

“I'm overjoyed with the outcome of the entire Technovation Week. I learned a lot while having fun, and there are plenty of awards in store for all the participants. All the organizers are well-prepared and informed about the subject. They also brought in some fantastic speakers who shared their experiences as experts in their fields,” he exclaimed.

Lance also hopes that through this event, every student will be a step closer into becoming excellent nation builders. 

“Every person behind amazing inventions and ideas starts small. They can develop innovation through technology and contribute to the betterment of society by learning little codes to complicated algorithms. All they need is the courage to try and the belief that if they work harder, they will earn more.”