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iTam Kick Off Celebration: Celebrating the New Batch of Future Servant Leaders

Posted: 2018-09-07


They say one's success in life hinges on two things–how we were raised and what we learned in school. Getting off to a good start in college can make the difference between merely earning a degree and getting a new life.

This is why the FEU Tech Student Coordinating Council (SCC) spearheaded the welcome celebration for the new breed of iTamaraws at the iTam Kick Off last August 24.

Kick Off is an annual event wherein new students are officially welcomed into the iTamaraw community. FEU Tech waited two years before they could hold this celebration and they pulled out all the stops.

"We are excited to welcome the future leaders of this school," SCC President Paul Espinosa said.

Senior Director for Academic Services Dr. May Rose Imperial led the welcome party with a heartwarming message of encouragement for Batch 2018 and was followed by a grand production number featuring the collaboration of Artist Connection, FEU Cheer Squad, and the Recognized Student Organization (RSO) Presidents.

To give the freshies an idea of what activities they could be involved in, Audio-Visual Presentations (AVPs) were shown by the RSOs. A notable highlight is the Leadership Training Seminar for organization leaders and members, an activity that encourages the youth to step out of their comfort zones to help the community.

SCC Vice President Melissa Lumbre said she believes in leading by example, "The best way to orient them is to let them see what we have done. And hopefully, this event will motivate them and help discover their passion."

Espinosa seconds this and says that there are many talented iTamaraws, not just freshmen, who need a nudge in the right direction.

"Go out. Don't just settle for the lessons inside the classrooms. Discover who you are outside of these walls because there are bigger lessons life is just waiting to teach you." Espinosa ended.