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FEU Tech undergrad student, multi-awarded filmmaker and entrepreneur: Ken Leviste (Part 2 of 2)

Posted: 2020-12-11

(In our previous article, Ken shared the struggles he faced while producing his multi-awarded film “Last Sem Na Ni Peter”. He also explained how FEU Tech played an important role in honing his skills in multimedia arts. Now, in this article, be ready to discover more about his inspiring journey in creating Arkos Digital, his future plans, and tips for aspiring filmmakers.)

The Making of Arkos Digital

“It started when we created a CGI AVP for the Multimedia Arts organization back in August 2019. Then we produced the FEU Christmas Music Video in November. After that, we decided to establish Arkos Digital."

Currently, Arkos is comprised of talented millennials who love to create multimedia materials. Their signature services include VFX and animation production and film and video production. They also accept other multimedia services such as brand design, product video and photoshoots, and event coverage. 

Of course, Arkos’ first clients were FEU Alabang, FEU Diliman, and FEU Tech who trusted them to create their official Christmas music video in 2019, followed by a Valentine’s Series in 2020, as well as some visuals for the graduation ceremony. Slowly, these projects led to bigger and better opportunities for the team - something that Ken will be forever grateful for.

“FEU Tech recognizes their students. They value us for our talents and not just for receiving accolades for our outstanding feats. They offered us video and film projects to help us showcase and hone our skills. With these projects, I gained experiences and enhanced my craft.”

To date, Ken considers the opening billboard for Philippine Franchise Association as one of the most prominent projects of Arkos Digital.

Looking Back at FEU Tech

After achieving so much even before graduating, Ken's future is already paved with various career opportunities. His work has already been featured in media sites like Candy Magazine, Philippine Daily Inquirer, and Daily Tribune. 

But for Ken, all these would not be possible without the help and guidance of his instructors and friends from FEU Tech, including the Director of Multimedia Arts, Abigail Alix. Ms Alix thinks highly of Ken and agrees that he's going to be a great filmmaker.

“Ken always tries to think outside the box to make what he does more engaging. I can see that he enjoys filmmaking so much, and perhaps this is why he can produce such good outputs.”

“He is even an all-around video production team. He can be the director, the scriptwriter, the actor, or the producer. He has an eye on everything when it comes to video production.”