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FEU Tech brings joy to our elderly through iTambahaginan 2019

Posted: 2020-01-24

FEU Tech brings joy to our elderly through iTamBahaginan 2019’s “Pamaskong Handog Para Kay Lolo at Lola”. Organized by the Community Extension Service Unit (CESU), this activity aims to engage associates and students into a meaningful gift-giving activity with our partner community.

During this memorable day, fifty lolo’s and lola’s from Barangay 842 Pandacan Manila were given early Christmas gifts that surely made their holidays brighter. Among the things they received were grocery items such as corned beef, coffee, noodles, bread, sugar, and biscuits.

Students and associates also had fun as they spend some quality time with our elderly. Through initiating various activities like Zumba, on-the-spot singing, and entertaining games, our lolo’s and lola’s laughed their hearts out and cheerfully clapped their hands — displaying how they enjoyed their short but sweet stay at FEU Tech.

This year, the elderly were chosen as beneficiaries thanks to the thoughtful suggestion of our Institute’s partner community. The barangay council, together with its senior citizen association, also expressed their gratitude to every iTamaraw who made this joyous event possible.