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CS student bags 3rd place in Angel C. Palanca Essay Writing Competition

Posted: 2019-11-08

FEU Tech Association for Computing Machinery Vice President for External Affairs Patricia Dominique Meneses won third place in the Angel C. Palanca Peace Awards 2019 Essay Writing Competition.

The second year Computer Science student wrote a piece titled: “You for Youth: How Millennials Can Act and Mobilize Everyone Into Doing Acts of Solidarity.”

Below is an excerpt from her essay:

“While it is true that the youth is capable of turning the tables around for a peaceful, sustainable, and dignified future for all, everyone’s cooperation is still highly needed. 2030 is fast-approaching, and many may think achieving these SDGs is quite a challenge already, but if everyone lends a helping hand, it can happen. Change is not entirely reliant to ones that have positions or statuses, nor it is highly dependent on promises made by leaders or rulers alike. Change begins when one initiates it, and why should one wait for the needed changes to take place when they could be the change themselves? Members of the youth or not, making the world a better place for everyone is a role everyone should fill in. Looking at it, one cannot spell the word “youth” without “you”because change can take place and start with you.”

Click here to read the full transcript.