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Crushmate the Movie: FEU Tech’s First Mainstream Film By Multimedia Arts Students Sweeps Awards at 2023 Gawad Sining

Posted: 2023-10-20


“Kung ‘di mo sisimulan, kailan?” – This is the premise of Crushmate The Movie, a romantic comedy film featuring freshmen college students discovering a world full of exciting firsts and new experiences. It highlights the beauty in taking risks, being brave, and striving to become a better version of yourself for love and personal growth.

Sans complex characters and complicated plot twists, the film follows the story of Evan, an introverted and timid young man who struggles to confess his feelings of admiration for Chloe, his outgoing classmate. Though it simply captures a situation that most college students could relate to, the film also presents how the characters face challenges head-on, muster up the courage to take chances, and gain fun experiences with peers along the way.

The official poster of Crushmate The Movie.


In real life, the actors in the film took a leap of faith when they decided to join the production of Crushmate The Movie, as it was their first time creating a full-length film while attending classes at FEU Tech.

With the lead and supporting characters of the film portrayed by students, the film becomes a representation of the acting prowess and production knowledge students can gain from the program. Further, their Multimedia Arts instructor Ken Leviste as the film’s Director supports the fact  that FEU Tech can expose students to opportunities in the filmmaking industry.

From a 20-minute film project as a requirement for their course, the original cast and crew of Crushmate The Movie was able to progress to a full-length movie where they could practice their script writing, acting, and production skills.