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5 ways to ace your Final Exam

Posted: 2019-03-09

It's almost Finals Week (a.k.a. Hell Week) again, which to most students mean sleepless nights of going through all the lessons in the past month. No need to worry, as there are ways to make use of the remaining days as efficient as possible to ace your Finals.

1. Create a study guide

Study guides help you organize what you need to study. This can also serve as your outline. Study guides are effective because visual organization helps you make meaningful connections in the items you are studying.

2. Prioritize your study time

Final exams only come once every term. It is your last chance to pull your grades up so make sure that you find time to prepare for it. Identify your most productive time of the day and make the most out of it. Create a study guide and follow it. You can divide your review materials into chunks so that you will not be overwhelmed.

3. Quiz yourself

Think about the possible questions that will be asked in the exam, draft a questionnaire, and quiz yourself. This will help you determine what you would have to study. You can also review previous seat works and quizzes to serve as your guide.

4. Take breaks

Be realistic. You won't be able to memorize all the materials in one sitting. It is okay to take breaks and reward yourself so that you will remain motivated. Remember that right pacing is key!

5. Make it fun

Some strategies might work for your classmates but not for you, so create a game plan that will make studying fun (but effective) for you. Is it easier for you to memorize concepts if you create acronyms out of it? Does rewarding yourself with a 15-minute break make you more motivated than a food reward? Whatever makes reviewing fun, be free do it.